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Our mission is to help clients take advantage of legitimate tax savings opportunities that are available to them. We look for value-added tax solutions and structures to help small to medium-sized businesses and individual taxpayers cut their tax bills.

This often includes tax solutions the taxpayer already qualify for, but are simply not taking advantage of. In other cases, it may involve making significant changes to processes or operations to qualify.

We often partner with existing tax advisors and teams when necessary.

Paying Too Much in Taxes?

We work with just about every type of tax, including Federal, state and local income, sales and use, employment, and excise taxes. We look for tax exclusions, tax credits and deductions, character and timing benefits and other incentives and financing arrangements. We also work on tax-preferred structures and restructuring.

Our holistic approach focuses on our client’s goals and objectives in light of their financial situation and tax return positions. Once we have identified tax opportunities that are appropriate given our client’s goals, we help identify the programs and structures they might benefit from, we help quantify the benefit, and we help capture the benefit.

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