We Help Clients With Estate Planning & Trusts

We help clients structure their affairs to carry out their wishes with a focus on minimizing costs and stress related to transfers.  This also includes defensive asset protection planning and income, estate, and gift tax planning.

We have the experience you need

Our attorneys have experience working with some of the largest estates.  We also help with more modest estates and one-time transactions, such as property transfers and planning.

We can handle just about every estate planning and trust matter.  This includes planning and drafting the documents, transferring property, transferring or reforming trusts, and representing the parties in court.  It also includes planning the estates to minimize tax consequences, preparing estate/gift and fiduciary tax returns and working on the audit review by the IRS, and representing the executor or administrator and others as they administer the estate.

Why clients hire us

Clients come to us during their lifetime to find ways to deal with or manage assets or wealth.  We are honored to serve as counsel in these ongoing relationships.  This includes business owners, executives, investors, inheritors, and others who realize that they need a plan to transfer and protect their assets.  It can also include coming up with a plan for who is to care for minor or incapacitated children.

Other clients hire us when they lose a loved one.  They need a local attorney to help administer the estate.  Not only do we assist these clients in their time of need, the beneficiaries often continue working with us to help structure or manage the estate assets going forward.

Need more information?

Contact us to see how we can help with your estate planning needs.