Payment Plans

If you need to pay us over time, a payment plan may be available. We have registered with QuickFee for this purpose.

How QuickFee Payment Plans Help

  • Keep working capital in your business for other purposes.
  • Smooth your cash flow.
  • Access an additional line of credit without engaging the bank or any formal application process.
  • No additional security is required.
  •  If you would like to pay off your loan with QuickFee early, all remaining interest is rebated and you only pay the principal.

Please Note

  • Interest will apply.
  • No early payout/termination fees apply.
  • $2,000 minimum for payment plans.
  • QuickFee™ is a third party service and is not affiliated with Kreig Mitchell LLC.
  • Any additional payments or payoffs to the payment plan must be made to QuickFee and not to Kreig Mitchell LLC.

Online Payment Registration Helpful Hints

Client ID: “Your name or company name”

Invoice Number/ Engagement Info: 

  • Enter the Invoice Number listed in your invoice

For questions about your bill, please contact (713) 909-4906.