We are hiring

Kreig Mitchell LLC isn’t your average law firm.  We like to do things a little differently.  We are not tied to the billable hour.  We often work on fixed fee and contingent arrangements.

While we work hard and strive to provide clients with the best legal representation possible, we also recognize that lawyers are at their best when they have adequate time to work on projects free from worrying about their own employment status.  We encourage non-billable work that promotes growth, adds value to clients, and that gives back to the community.

From our focus on a team effort to recognition and our focus on your career potential, we put a unique stamp on day-to-day business of being a lawyer. You will see why we are proud to work here and why we believe there is no better law firm to work for.

We believe in people.  That’s why we keep your development a top priority.

We do this in the following ways:

  • Offering career paths in many related but different legal areas
  • Providing employees with feedback and coaching
  • Discussing and encouraging employee growth
  • Encouraging relationship building with business connections who can assist you in achieving specific goals and enhancing skills

Our development and investment in each member of our team is one of the many reasons our attorneys love working for our firm.

We are growing and looking to add partners and associate attorneys.

We have put in a considerable amount of effort to start and grow the firm.  We did this with the help of every client who we were able to serve.  We have the processes, tools, and connections to grow even more.  To that end, we are looking to add partners who can help us grow and associate attorneys who are looking for interesting, varied, and challenging work in our practice areas.


We’re looking for attorneys with 10+ years experience in tax or a related practice area, particularly litigation. Our clients include high net-worth individuals, and small and mid-sized businesses. We also help many individuals and businesses that are struggling with tax matters.


The ideal associate would have a strong foundation in one of the practice areas we currently offer. They should be self-starters, resourceful, and willing to learn.

If you feel that you might be a fit for one of these positions or if you want to discuss working here further, please submit a resume and an explanation of your interest.